Services offered

  • ​​Full fledged in-house facilities to take care of every minute aspect required to treat the alcoholic / relapse 
  • Full medical examination with reports if required
  • Phsychiatric & Psychological assessment
  • ​Alocohol Treatment Program
  • ​Drug Dependency Recovery
  • ​Substance Abuse Treatment
  • ​Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation 
  • Individual, group & family counselling / therapy
  • Vocational guidance​​
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Hulimavu Center, Bannarghatta Road


  • Extended Care
  • Rehabilitation in selected cases
  • Provides education, information referral service
  • Facilitates Seminars and Training to general community, Industry, Professional groups and service organizations
  • ​Full scale implementation of an Employee Assistance Programmer​​
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Recovery from alcoholism unfolds in phases. It is a progressive movement through specific developmental periods.This means that each phase of recovery requires the completion of specific recovery tasks that must be accomplished in order to prepare the recovering person for the next phase of recovery. We continue to provide after-care and support for over a period of two years from the date of discharge. Hence this follow-up action will help the clients become stable and maintain their sobriety in a longer run.
CARE dedicated to the cause of Treatment and Recovery of those suffering from the disease of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. Treated thousands of addicts who are now leading a normal and productive life in the society without alcohol / drugs.

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Addiction is an illness which is progressive, incurable and often fatal. Our program helps to dispel the many untruths and half truths that have developed with chemical dependency. If you have addictive disease, it will help you recover if you learn as much about it as possible. There are psychological consequences to the disease of chemical dependency . As the need for alcohol or drug use increases and as impairments to body organs and the nervous system occur, addicts alter the way they view themselves & others, and the rest of the world. They begin to see things as they must to live with their addictive disease.

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