Established in 1998 on 1st May, this organization dedicated to the cause of Treatment and Recovery of those suffering from the disease of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. Treated thousands of addicts who are now leading a normal and productive life in the society without alcohol / drugs.

Mr. A. Balakrishna

Offering a unique therapy – EPS, which is blend of intensive psycho-therapies which address both addiction and underlying issues.The goal of the treatment is to address the feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness and emptiness in a guilt free atmosphere, so that the patient can take the responsibility of the self. The ultimate aim is to restore the chemically dependent person and their family members to optimal health and functioning in body, mind, emotions, spirit and relationship

Mr. A. N. Gnanesh

Mr. C. Ramachandra

Mr. N. Guruva Reddy

Mrs. R. Selvi

Board of Directors

Mr. M. Deepak

Mrs. S. Hemalatha Raghu

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